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David Owuor

Repent and Messiah Coming


Dr. David Owuor is a prophet from Kenya. And over the years God

has shown many things to him concerning the end of days, the

judgments that are coming to various nations and the rapture of

the church of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Owuor has received several messages of warning to the land of

the United States. And following are some of those messages. May

yours hearts be open to hear and discern the voice of the Lord.

On September 8th of 2013 the Lord spoke to him with tremendous urgency about tremendous events that is about to unfold. God showed Dr. Owour a massive earthquake that is coming to the Western Hemisphere. And this earthquake is going to hit the United States of America.

The purpose of this earthquake is to shake the gospel of prosperity, money, the sexual immorality in the church, the false apostles, and the false prophets. The Lord is calling the United States of America to repent and turn away from wickedness and sin. The pastors and the church must now return to the original gospel. The gospel of repentance and holiness. The only gospel that was given at the cross, at the cavalry.

This event among others, points to the return of the Lord. The bible speaks to us very clearly about the signs that our Lord Jesus Christ laid before the earth and laid before the church regarding His glorious return. In Matthew chapter 24 verse7 says that, at the end would be famine and earthquakes in various places.

This message extent to all nations around the world. Even the churches in Kenya, the churches in Australia, Europe, Asia, the churches in Latin America, Central America, the church in the Islands, in China and Russia. The whole body of Christ must also be sensitive. Everyone must recognize if they have the same sins prevailing among them, prevailing within the house of God. Then they are not in right standing with the Lord.

The Messiah is coming, prepare the way of the Lord.