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Loretta Blasingame 

On "It's Supernatural," when Loretta was thirteen years old Jesus walked

intoher bedroom and gave her the gift of miracles. As an adult Loretta had a

double heart attack in her doctor's office, she died and went to heaven

and came back with a new heart. Her doctor says she came back with

a heart of a thirteen year old.

Sid: Hello Sid Roth, welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural.

My guest is Loretta Blasingame and I have been so looking forward to

interviewing her. You know when I say I have been so looking forward, I

think of a woman that you knew, Kathryn Kulman, she used to say that

on the radio, "Have you been waiting for me, I'm so looking forward to talking to you." But she moves, Loretta moves in what are known as creative miracles, organs that don't exist all of a sudden exist, I love it, I can't get enough of it.
You see this is the air that I breathe. And this is natural air. I don't know what you are breathing, maybe it is smog or something but I like breathing supernatural air. Loretta, when you were just thirteen years of age, Jesus walked into your room, tell me about that.

Loretta: Well I had just accepted the Lord. Two nights after I did I went home after church, he walked in my room, showed me a white Bible and said I am calling you to preach the gospel."When you preach this word," he said,"I will heal people while they sit in their seats." Now your brother was really burdened that you would come to know the Messiah, how many days did he fast for you? 

Loretta: He told the Lord he was going to fast until I went to church and got saved, and on his 42nd day, every day he would ask me to go and I wouldn't go, but on the 42nd day
I went and I did accept the Lord that night. 

Sid: What's a young kid that all of a sudden has an encounter with Jesus, that is not thinking about God, not thinking about Jesus, not thinking about the Bible do with that type of information? 

Loretta: Well for one thing I went and got a Bible because I wanted to know what was in it because we were not going to church, and so I had to know what was in the Bible, what was I supposed to preach. I said to the Lord that I don't know how to preach, I don't even know you, he said I will teach you. 

Sid: do you remember the first person you prayed for that got healed? 

Loretta: I do because I went to church the next night and I told the pastor I was to pray for the sick and they brought a lady up that needed a new heart and I prayed for her and she got a new heart.

Sid: You talk like Kathryn Kulman, Kathryn Kulman used to say, "Oh arthritis, that's easy,
I mean anyone with arthritis." And doctors would walk up and say, "Don't you know
there is no cure for arthritis Miss Kulman." I am almost hearing you say the same thing,
it is easy, what about cancer? 

Loretta: Well I was just telling someone today, in forty-nine years of praying for the sick,
I have only prayed for two that didn't get healed and I am not sure they wanted to be healed. 

Sid: with cancer you mean.

Loretta: With cancer.

Sid: You mean that is almost like arthritis for Kathryn Kulman?

Loretta: Yeah, but Sid remember the Lord told me that night he would heal them all, he told me and I just took him at his word, I thought he meant what he said when he said I will heal them all.

Sid: Well let me fast-forward you now to seventeen, you are working in a ministry and there is an organist there and you didn't care much for her or she didn't care much for you, or maybe it was mutual, but you had a vision of hell, tell me about that.

Loretta: I did, well she didn't like me for some odd reason, I came into the ministry new and I guess that was a threat to her so she didn't like me and I was beginning to get some resentment in my heart toward her, so one day we did a meeting, we went home and I sat down on the side of the bed and I had a vision of hell and when I went into hell I saw people screaming, I saw, well it was just like the Bible said, I saw worms eating peoples face, I saw all kind of hairdos, hairdos I had never seen on the earth at that time, you know like spiked up hairdos, and purple and blue.

Sid: Like they have today.

Loretta: Like they have today but we didn't have it then, and they were just screaming.

Sid: So you mean that was already known in hell before it came on earth.

Loretta: Before it came on earth, and I used to tell people I saw that and they said well that's not happening today. And I said well it probably will. And so after the vision then the Lord appeared to me and when I came to myself the floor was actually wet and sweat was just dropping off of me fingers and the Lord said to me he said, "Now this is where
you will go for having hate in your heart for…" and he called the lady's name which I don't want to call today but he called her name. So it really affected my life, it still affects my life.

Sid: So did you get rid of that hate pretty fast?

Loretta: I surely did, I surely did.

Sid: I mean I would get rid of that really fast. So Loretta is minding her own business
and she has two heart attacks and dies, don't go away, we'll be right back after this word. 

We'll be right back to, "It's Supernatural." Loretta Blasingame suffered two simultaneous heart attacks, her doctor declared her dead, now her detailed account of what happened next as she experienced the glory of heaven and the horrors of hell. It is contained in the pages of this must read book. Call now to receive your copy of Loretta Blasingame's book, "Is Anybody Up There?" Through this book discover revelation knowledge that will help you: She includes the testimonies of many others to help you have faith to believe God for your own miracles. Don't miss out on getting your copy of Loretta Blasingame's book: We now return to, "It's Supernatural."

Sid: Hello Sid Roth here with Loretta Blasingame. Loretta had a double heart attack,
how did you get to the doctor's office? 

Loretta: Well I had the heart attacks in my doctor's office. I had just a lot of fire and pain in my chest so I took my son over to a friends house and I dropped him off and I went to the doctors office and when I went in he started working on me and I heard him say she's had a heart attack. The next thing I heard he said call her husband she is having another heart attack, she's dying.

Sid: When you died, tell me what you saw? What happened to you?

Loretta: When I died I saw myself coming out of my body going through the clouds and then I saw two beautiful gates open in heaven, and when the gates opened then I saw streets of gold and then I saw Jesus standing at the end of a bridge and he had on a long white robe, had a gold kind of like a sash thing coming down the middle and then he had his arms outstretched like that as to say come, and so I started making my way toward him.

Sid: Now you did see hell and you did see heaven, which one would you rather be at?

Loretta: I would rather go to heaven. 

Sid: I thought so.

Sid: But he gave you a lot of instructions while you were there, what did he tell you?
Loretta: He told me that more people would miss heaven by not having love for one another than any other sin on earth.

Sid: He said that in the Bible too. He said this is my commandment that you love one another.

Loretta: And he told me that he was going to let me see heaven, I could see my mansion which I did, I saw my baby brother, I saw my grandmother, he told me that many people had ministries, but, every ministry was important, he said I didn't set up denominations and he said some are called just to bring in a few people but I have called you to bring the multitudes and the masses to the kingdom, to pray for people that doctors cannot help.

Sid: Did he tell you anything more about what would happen to you when you came back to earth?

Loretta: He said when I came back to earth, first I asked him if I could put my head on his bosom and so he smiled and did like this and he said I am sending you back to earth, when you bring the multitudes and masses to the kingdom, he said I want you to take them from hell and bring them heaven. He said you can put your head on my bosom any time you want to.

Sid: You know I am reminded of Reinhard Bonke, he says, "I want to plunder hell to populate heaven." That's what you are saying Loretta. So Loretta, you get back to earth, you have these awesome words but what did he tell you about your heart? You just had two heart attacks.

Loretta: He told me that when he sent me back to earth he said you will have the heart of a thirteen-year-old child, and that heart will sustain you until I bring you back to heaven.
So the doctor called the ambulance, he went with me to the hospital, the two doctors got in an argument so I called my doctor to my bedside and I wanted to know why they were arguing. And he said, "Well my friend out here is telling me that you couldn't have had two heart attacks, not even one, you have the heart of a thirteen year old child." So then I told him when I died I went to heaven.

Sid: But how did he know that Jesus had told you that you were going to have the heart of a thirteen year old?

Loretta: Well he didn't know that, I didn't tell him that. 

Sid: But in reality could you tell a difference in your heart?

Loretta: Well sure, I was alive. 

Sid: Well obviously.

Loretta: They had announced me dead and pulled the sheet over my head.

Sid: What I meant was, I am just curious, I'm a curious kind of guy, did you have more energy?

Loretta: I did and I felt real young.

Sid: And you pray for people to have new hearts.

Loretta: Oh I surely do, almost every day of my life someone in this ministry gets a new heart.

Sid: You know I want to build peoples faith because in a moment there is going to be an
explosion of creative miracles, there is going to be an explosion of God's Spirit, oh someone's back has just been healed and if you will walk you will find out you with a bad hip, you got a new hip. Loretta, tell me a few people that have been healed that you prayed for.

Loretta: Well I got an email this week, a man said,"You called me out in a meeting and said stand up young man you are getting a new heart." He said you left town and I have never seen you since but he said I got a brand new heart that day and I have had it for ten years. And a lady was at my meeting last week and she said you were in California seven years ago and you walked down the aisle and you said stand up lady you are getting healed of cancer of the stomach and she said I had a malignant tumor, I got healed that night, I never wrote and told you but I found out you were going to be here tonight and I thought I would come over here and tell you, I have been healed seven years.

Sid: Now when, do you hear, how do you know that person is going to be healed? How do you know that? 

Loretta: Well I have a little voice that speaks right here in my ear and a lot of times my hand will get hot and when that gift comes up on me the Lord will just say it. Sometimes I have seen it in a TV screen, at different times it would come up like a TV screen, most of the time I just hear the Holy Spirit speak to me.

Sid: Give me an example of what you see on a TV screen. 

Loretta: What I see on a TV screen, I see your whole body and if you have got a tumor in your brain God will show me exactly what it is and he will give me a name to call it.

Sid: this is such a phenomenal gift; do you have to lay hands on people for them to be healed?

Loretta: No, the Lord told me in heaven he never needed my hands, he said you just speak the work, I am giving you an anointing to speak the word, but he said if you ever
touch anyone always remember they will feel my hands first, but he said I don't need your hands.

Sid: Huh, as a matter of fact all he needs you is to speak what he says. Jesus said, "I only do what I see my Heavenly Father do." It sounds to me like that's where you are at.

Loretta: What it is Sid, and you know a lot of times we rent buildings, and the Lord and I we kind of have a deal. I just pick up the key and I rent the buildings because somebody has got to go pay the bill and pick up the key. And when I rent the building I say,"Lord now it is your job." And we have had people within miles, in fact we have had it recorded people got healed within five hundred miles when I picked up those keys and rented the building.

Sid: Now when we come back from the break, what is going to happen to people when you pray for them? 

Loretta: Well some of them is going to fall out and hit the floor, they are going to get healed whatever they need, because the power of God will just fall in that whole house, wherever they are.

Sid: Now you have done this on television before, you were with the network that we are on right now and what did they report to you happened?

Loretta: They reported to me, every call that came in and we broke the record there for any calls that have ever come to that station. They said every person that called in said when she said the prayer the power of God hit the whole house. A lot of them said we went out under the power and were out for a long time.

Sid: I heard that the presence of God was so strong for four days after you were there.

Loretta: Yeah, that's what the general manager told me. About two weeks after that he said, "The power was so strong for four days we could hardly any of us stand up." And he said, " I'm a professional drummer, I'll play for you anytime just to stay under that anointing."

Sid: Well let me tell, talk about under that anointing, I have your book, "Is Anybody Up There?" And you know the thing that impresses me most about this book; yes there are wonderful miracles to build faith, but what impresses me the most Loretta about this book is, I feel God when I read it. I feel his presence, it is like I can be very unspiritual and I will pick this book up and I will start reading it and all of a sudden the presence of God comes on me. I believe this will be true of anyone that reads this book, but listen, I know you are not going, I don't have to tell you not to go away, you are not going to go away, we will be right back after this word. 

We'll be right back to, "It's Supernatural." For he himself is our peace who has made both Jew And Gentile into one and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall. His purpose was to create in himself. His purpose was to create one new man. We now return to, "It's Supernatural"

Sid: All right Sid Roth here with Loretta Blasingame. Loretta died from a double heart attack, came back after going to heaven and was told by Jesus she would have a heart of a thirteen year old. The doctor, not hearing this conversation, says, "I don't understand it but you have the heart of a thirteen year old." but Jesus said that everyone she prayed for, that there would be creative miracles and since that point there are people getting new hearts, cancers disappearing, how many people have you prayed for with cancer that have not been healed? 

Loretta: Just two in forty nine years.

Sid: Okay listen, zip, pray.

Loretta: Okay it is just this simple, it is the Holy Spirit of God that is going to manifest, the workings of miracles and the gift of faith right now. All you have to do, is just receive, don't pray, don't do anything, don't bend over, don't do anything just receive the power of God now, in the Name of Jesus I speak you healed of cancer, leukemia go in the Name of Jesus, brain tumors go in Jesus mighty name, be created every organ right now. Whatever organ you need just receive it, heart, legs, ears, eyes, someone you have lost your eye because of cancer, in the Name of Jesus receive that miracle now in that eye,
you will be able to see through right now in Jesus Name. Deafness go in the Name of Jesus, go in Jesus mighty name. Now just receive the power of God every person in the house receive it now in Jesus Name.

Sid: Well I don't know about anyone else, but I can sure, I am receiving, I can sure feel the presence of God, it is that same presence of God that is on your book,"Is Anybody Up There?" But you move in prophecy, has God told you things about what will be happening shortly in the United States, or Israel that you can share?

Loretta: Well I know that Israel, the Lord has been speaking to me, Israel is going to have one of the greatest moves of God they have ever had, because God is going to answer prayer, the Jew and Gentile are going to come together like you spoke about in your book, which by the way your book changed my life, "The Incomplete Church." And you answered something in there about Ezekiel 47. I have been asking God for a long time, because God has given me revelation on that but I didn't have the Jewish part like you did so I just suggest everybody make sure you get his book, it changed my life, I can tell you.

Sid; It is Ezekiel 47 talks about a double river and when the two come together there is life that goes wherever that double river goes, and the double river is the Jew and Gentile, one new man, one in Messiah. 

Loretta: And Sid, it talks about in the Book of Ezekiel that every person will be healed.
You know the lord gave me Ezekiel 47, I didn't understand all of it when he told me all would be healed, I read your book and I said now I understand this Lord, I have been doing it but I have always said,"Lord show me greater revelation on this." And I got it when I read that book. God is going to answer prayer, there is going to be a great move of God in Jerusalem, there is going to be a lot of disasters in a lot of cities and areas, like I mentioned to you the other day, California and different one, but at the same time it will be like when Azusa Street was poured out, California had the worst earthquake they had ever had up in San Francisco, so I wish it didn't take tragedy to bring people to the Lord, but this harvest has got to come in Sid, as well as you know, the Jew and the Gentile have
got to meet together, all denominations have got to come together for this harvest to come in, and the Lord says it is going to come before he comes back, so the disaster will
bring the greatest harvest we have ever had.

Sid: Now has God told you things that were going to happen in the past that have come to pass? Cold you give me a couple of examples.

Loretta: Well, he told me that whole cities would be just wiped out, he said I am going to life my hand off of cities and the wrath of God will come. It was frightening when he said that, I said,"Lord I have always preached a good message." You know the good news but he said people have trusted everything and everybody but me. I am going to make people trust me because I am still their God. After he told me that, the flood hit New Orleans, I had just been on one of the largest TV stations in Dallas, and I told that, that whole cities would be wiped out, we would have no grocery store, no banks, no hospitals, and everything that I told on television happened two weeks later. And you know the Bible says nothing will happen what he won't reveal it to the prophets before time. and the Lord said people are looking to the government and this and that, but he said, I am their source. He said to Jeremiah, "I spoke to you once, but you didn't hear," but the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the second time, "Call unto me," God says, "and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you know not." And so God still wants to be the source, he is jealous of us.

Sid: Now there are people watching us right now Loretta that are jealous of your gift, and they would like to operate in the same type of gifting, can they lay hands on the sick and see people recover, can they speak it and see people recover in the Name of Jesus?

Loretta: They can and there can be an impartation. The only thing I would say to people,
just remember what the Apostle Paul said,"Walk worthy of the vocation of your calling."
And I didn't get this overnight; I got the gift overnight, but I have had my challenges in this ministry to stay in ministry, not jump ship. Oh you say what kind of challenge? Well I have buried my only child, six brothers and sisters; believe it or not I have never been late for a meeting or canceled one in twenty-seven years, so how did that happen? Because I made the call and commitment to God and we have to commit and stay committed.

Sid: So in effect what you have to do is what Abraham did, Abraham prayed, hinneni, here am I, use me God. If that is the prayer of your heart right now, Loretta would you pray for an impartation of this gifting?

Loretta: I will do it.

Sid: You said you don't have to lay hands on people; that means they are going to catch that impartation. 

Loretta: that's right, I am going to speak the word and you just catch it, don't pray, like I say. Sometimes people get carried away praying. Don't pray, just receive.

Sid: You know I find that too when people are praying it is sort of like the are on A.M. and I am on F.M. but I say just be still and receive it, it is time to receive.

Loretta: Just receive it; the Holy Spirit is going to do the imparting. Lord, in the Name of Jesus, let the power of the Holy Spirit of God bring an impartation of ministry now in the Name of Jesus, the gifts, the word of knowledge, the workings of miracles, the gift of prophecy, the gift of interpretation, the gift of faith, people need faith Lord, I release the gift of faith to people, now in the Name of Jesus, just receive it. And you know what faith the Lord told me one time was; faith to him is faith in action. Now do something you have never done before.

Sid: Well I can tell you one thing you have probably never done before, wham Jesus said,
"Those who believe in my name will lay hands on the sick and they will recover." You say but people aren't' getting healed. Well how many people are you praying for? Well I prayed for three people about fifteen years ago. No, no, no, no, no, no. Listen it is a new season in God, it is a new time, you have just received impartation, do not miss what God has for you, Loretta, a last word. 

Loretta: Believe God and walk with God and remember there is a day that he is going to split those clouds and come back and God wants you to be ready.

Sid: Do you think, did he tell you whether it will be in your lifetime or you don't know?

Loretta: Well I don't know but he just told me to work quickly. He walked in my room a few months back and said,"Work quickly Loretta, because I will come soon."

Sid: Are you ready for him? You see the thing is you will die, that's for sure, and you don't know when, are you ready for him? Oh, you are going to be ready tomorrow. Well what happens if you die today? You get it? Your parents didn't raise a dummy. This is your life; this is your eternity. Repent of your sins. God is too good, it is that simple. God is just too good, he is pure love. Repent of your sins, tell God you are sorry, tell God you need help to turn from some of these sins, believe that the blood of Jesus washes away everything you have ever done, you are like a brand new baby, you have got a new start in life. And then when you are clean, you say Jesus I make you my Lord, I want to know you like those people I see on television, I want to know you better than them, I want to have intimacy with you. There is nothing in my life that satisfies me, there is nothing that holds a candle compared to hearing your voice, having a destiny, having a vision, having a purpose, just basking in your love knowing that when I die I will be with you forever in eternity, not being fearful of what is coming on this earth, Jesus I really want this. And God says, "The day that you seek him with all of your heart, then that day he will be found." And just when this show is over you make your peace with God. You don't need my words you need your words. God loves you very much you are special, special. Loretta Blasingame suffered two simultaneous heart attacks, her doctor declared her dead, now her detailed account of what happened next as she experienced the glory of heaven and the horrors of hell. It is contained in the pages of this must read book. Call now to receive your copy of Loretta Blasingame's book, "Is Anybody Up There?" Through this book discover revelation knowledge that will help you: She includes the testimonies of many others to help you
have faith to believe God for your own miracles. Don't miss out on getting your copy of
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