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Kat Kerr

God has lifted the veil between Heaven and Earth. Caught up by the

Spirit of God, Kat Kerr was taken on tours of Heaven for over 10 years

and now commissioned to reveal the truth through an ILLUSTRATED

book. The Foreword (a prophetic Word from God) was dictated to the

author by two Scribe Angels. Through the ten illustrations in Volume I

of Revealing Heaven, you will visit The Portal, where the Redeemed in

Heaven go to view their loved ones on Earth, you will see The Rush,

Heaven's largest roller coaster and visit the Nurseries for miscarried

and aborted babies; and MUCH MORE! This book also explains

God's design for Earth, which is a SHADOW of Heaven. Besides

detailed descriptions of the mansions she walked through, Kat shares about three individuals (one a teenager) she saw while in Heaven and how this information impacted their families upon her return to Earth. PREPARE to be FOREVER changed and receive HOPE for Eternity!

​A Short Sample of the Book. Revealing Heaven by Kat Kerr.


A prophetic Proclamation from God, by Scribe Angels

To Him who sits upon the Throne, we give Praise, Honor and Glory forever and ever, that He would desire to reveal His home in the Heavens to the men of the Earth. Rejoice, O Earth, Rejoice! For Heaven is about to kiss you and when it does, the Fire of His Passion will consume every living being.  He will forever leave His mark on the hearts of millions and they shall come to know Him as their Savior. Be thankful citizens of Earth that you are living in this day and hour, when the Glory of the Lord will cover the whole Earth. How magnificent in His ways, how mighty in His acts is the hand of Him who sits upon the throne.  In eternity they shall sing about these days - the great and powerful days before the end comes.  All things will be shaken and all things will be restored to and through God's faithful believers!

    Prepare O enemies of the Most High, to be made His footstool! None will escape His Glory and there will be no place to hide from His Light!  He who has chosen this handmaiden to reveal the hidden things, the precious things, and the treasures stored up in His Heaven for those who love Him and love the coming of Him!  We, His faithful Scribes, created by Him in the beginning to serve in His celestial realm and to record the words of those we are sent for; and to deliver and release His messages to those whom He trusts - are grateful to be a part of His divine plan in revealing Heaven.

    Prepare you faithful ones, whom have stood under much warfare and devastation of the enemy. Prepare to receive great reward, now, in this lifetime and in the glorious life to come.  You are about to see the power of your God released, and you will truly know that He is in Control.

    Behold, His fire comes to blaze across this world and into the hearts of men, to push back the great darkness and claim His creation back to Himself.

    Prepare men and women of God, those who watch over the souls of their congregations - to yield to the Holy Spirit of God when asked to lay down your plans, man's plans, and allow Him to take control during this hour. For those who yield, there shall be great increase of anointing in your ministry.  For those who refuse to yield, your place shall be given to another and some will even sleep early! Prepare your hearts, for He must first visit His leaders and then His church body. Will you all be able to stand and carry this Glory, or will you be exposed by its coming?

    The bowls before the altar are tipping and the veil of flesh has been torn; nothing or no one can stop what is about to happen!  Manifestations of His power through signs, wonders and the miraculous will happen everywhere - no buildings will be able to contain them. He will no longer be put in a box, nor will He wear any man's tag, but he will unite His true Body of believers and the World will know them by their love for each other! Prepare to hear a new sound - the sound of Heaven!

    This is a glimpse into Eternity!  Prepare to read. Prepare to be forever changed. Prepare people of Earth, for in the Year 2007, God is Revealing Heaven!


From the Author:
It is humanly impossible to capture all the Glory and perfection that is Heaven, however, through the illustrations God has allowed this glimpse to give you HOPE. He is about to do something that will forever change this planet and the people on it. He is bringing Heaven to Earth.


God’s Design - Earth is a Shadow of Heaven

I would like to begin by explaining what God told me, that earth is a copy of Heaven. In other words, most of what is here on earth already exists in Heaven. It is not a flat place in the sky, floating around covered in clouds with fat baby angels dropping grapes into our mouths. It is a literal ‘world’; round, just like earth, only huge in proportion! Hebrews 8:5 talks about things on earth being a shadow and type of what is in Heaven.

Many things here have always been there, only perfect! No death, decay, rust or

pollution at all! Everything is beautiful - almost beyond description. God-inspired

ideas eventually made it into the mind of man and were then invented here on

earth. All ‘good’ things created came down from the Father (James 1: 17). It is

our enemy, satan, who has perverted and defiled things on this earth and he

uses people to promote and desire these wicked things. There is neither evil

nor its influence in Heaven. There are also many things in Heaven that have

not yet been invented here. We only use a small percentage of our brain

power, but in Heaven we will be unhindered and creativity will be fantastic.

There are places in Heaven where we will actually learn to create. One of the places of education is called ‘Creation Lab’ which will be discussed in Volume II.

Earth and Heaven operate in two different realms. Our natural ‘physical’ eyes cannot see into the ‘spirit’ realm (unless God opens them); but the ‘spirit’ realm can see everything in our ‘physical’ world. This earth operates in a ‘physical’ realm because we have physical bodies. However, inside your body is a spirit, which operates in Heaven (which is a ‘spirit’ realm) in the same manner as on earth.

You can touch, taste and smell things just like on earth, only in Heaven all of your senses are magnified. It is actually hard to tell whether you are there in spirit or in your body because you do still have these senses and you experience emotions; you do not become a robot! When you die and go there, you do not become ‘invisible’, able to pass through things, nor do you turn into angels.

God’s word in Hebrews 11:16 talks about Heaven being a city and a country, just like on earth. There is an awesome city where the river flows from under the throne and another area I saw had miles of countryside. Many of the people living up there refer to this as the ‘park’. It is definitely different from the city I visited in Heaven. The park is where you can see every species of animal ever created; including the dinosaurs which roam the hills (they all eat grass, or at least it seemed to me they were eating it). There are beautiful meadows, hills, creeks, waterfalls, trees and the most glorious flowers you could ever imagine.

Some of the flowers change colors and even make music. Many people have their own ‘secret’ gardens that they design and tend; either for their own enjoyment or as a surprise for a loved one when they get to Heaven.

The city, where the throne room and river of life are, is magnificent. Everything reflects the glory (light) of God which is why the streets of gold’ are transparent, so they will reflect His light. I have only seen a small part of it, but there were people going into buildings and stores. Heaven has a lot of activity!

I saw different styles of transport vehicles, which all run on ‘light’ — it is the only source of fuel other than the wind that blows the sails in the big ships on the crystal sea. People travel across Heaven in many different ways - air transport, ground (yes, they still have chariots and some even come with hyper-drive) and on the sea in all types of vessels, Mostly, I saw individuals using ‘public’ transportation in groups, but I definitely saw individuals piloting or operating these vehicles by themselves too.

I have only briefly experienced ‘thought’ travel, where you just ‘think’ of going somewhere and you are suddenly there. It may not have been me at all, but rather accomplished through the angelic beings who escorted me. I did see people get onto a ‘moving’ path, so that is another way you move about in Heaven.

I saw restaurants, art galleries, sports arenas, movie theatres and even an amusement park. One of the best things about Heaven is that you do not need money to ‘purchase’ things, everything is free, because it is ‘given’. Everyone has ‘assignments’ rather than jobs and they are always connected to your particular gift, which makes it a joy to do. You receive no ‘payment’ for your efforts but money would be useless there, since everything you need or want is given to you. In this way, all skills and talents are used to benefit everyone!

Some of these places will be thoroughly discussed later in chapters of this book and others in Volumes II or III. The interesting part is how I found out that these things and places existed. I was just as delighted and surprised as you will be to find out what God has created for all who will live there.

It really makes sense that if we were made in God’s image, the earth would be made in Heaven’s image. There are, however, many ‘supernatural’ things and places there that will challenge our mortal brains. I was so overwhelmed that usually I did not think to ask, “What is that”? Both Holy Spirit and the angels told me that Heaven is always increasing and adding new things for our enjoyment! God wants to bless His people and one of the ways He expresses love is by creating things that will delight us. His word declares in Psalms 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord: and He will give you the desires of your heart”.

No one will want to miss going to Heaven, and the alternative, Hell, (which will be discussed in chapter 9) is not to be desired by anyone!

God is the Great Creator and Heaven is His home, so why wouldn’t it be exciting and fascinating to live there? I pray you will be encouraged to know where your loved ones are living and some of the places they are enjoying, so let the journey begin!


Life after Death - The Journey Begins

The Word of God says, “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord”. This is a promise God gives to all Believers (those who have accepted Christ).

This chapter will explain what happens to someone from the second they die and their spirit leaves the body and earth can no longer hold them. First, we will discuss what happens to someone who has accepted Jesus as their Savior and will be going to Heaven. Then, we will discuss what happens to someone who rejected Christ and is headed for Hell!

Whatever has brought them to this moment, whether natural death at old age, a sickness or disease or an accident, it is always the same. As you draw your last breath and your spirit begins to leave your body, you will begin to feel weightless and float upward. If you look back, you will see your lifeless body. If there are other people in the room or area where your body is, you will also be able to see them and hear their comments. You cannot communicate with them, because you have left your ‘physical’ body and are now a ‘spirit being’ entering the spirit realm. Yes, you do still care about those you are leaving behind because you love them but you are now entering into the precious promise of God - to be with Him. Unfathomable love erases any anxiety or fear of death you may have experienced, even moments before.

If you were sick, injured or in pain before, you will now realize that all those symptoms have completely left and that you feel wonderful. Also, if you were elderly, you are now young again because age has no effect on your eternal spirit. The life of God now flows into your being. You will have no fear, because the peace of God will now become your constant companion. At this point, some people still do not realize they have even died; because they still have their senses and can touch themselves, it is hard for them to comprehend. They will still try to communicate with others that they pass by and wonder why they do not respond.

If not already present, the angels will appear to escort you on your journey to Heaven. They are magnificent beings still aglow from being in the heavenly realm. They always know your name and usually assure you that all will be well. No one is left to find their own way. If it is a child or baby, they are carried by the angels; they never experience fear or sadness, only tremendous love. There is no ‘hanging around’ or a struggle to find a way to ‘cross over’. No one’s spirit can remain on the earth for very long. There are various ways to be taken to Heaven, including chariots. If Jesus comes to escort individuals, they get to go in the Lord’s own chariot. It is rare, but sometimes loved ones are allowed to see you leave or to see the angelic beings who have come to escort you.

One of the normal ways you are taken to Heaven, if you are to remain there, is by a transport. These transports come in many different models, so they may not all look like the one I saw two years ago when I witnessed someone boarding one. Not only could I see the ship, but the two angels who were escorting the woman. She looked amazingly beautiful and young, even though I knew she had been very old when she passed away. This transport (as shown in the illustration) looked something like a cable car without the cables.

The lower part was made of a solid substance that looked like burnished pewter. Ornate panels, on either side of its doors, were gold as was the trim that ran down both ends of the ship and around the bottom. The light emanating from the sides as well as from beneath the ship was a brilliant white with blue highlights. This could be the ‘bright light’ mentioned by some who have had ‘near death’ experiences.

The upper part of the transport is like glass — you can actually see through it. Can you imagine how exhilarating it must be to streak through the universe and see everything on your way to Heaven?

You usually enter from the side of the craft by way of steps that appear from nowhere and have no visible means of support. How supernatural is that! I was told that sometimes people are also brought up through the bottom entrance (which I could not see).

Sometimes angels navigate these crafts, but usually people are chosen for this position before they die. They become Heaven’s pilots, not because of prior flight experience, but because of their heart for people. They have a natural ability to put people at ease and to share things about the new home they are going to.

Heaven’s pilots are the first contact individuals have with Heaven and therefore must be trusted by God to portray His care and love. It is a high honor to be chosen for this assignment. In Volume II of Revealing Heaven, I will relate a story about just such an individual.

It was truly amazing to be able to see a transport close up. The angels who escort these transports all wear white gowns with purple sashes at the waist, and purple on their cuffs and hems. They also wear narrow purple bands on their head. At least one of them carries a sword. Once boarded, the transport leaves and continues through the atmosphere at speeds we only dream of, until they arrive in the third heaven.

Once the transport stops, you will be escorted out and left in the care of other angels and / or people whose job it is to welcome you to Heaven. Many times Abraham will be there to greet you. Sometimes the gates will be visible from your disembarking point, but sometimes they can be some distance away. Your family and friends who already dwell in Heaven will run to greet you. There is much joy and celebrating going on at your arrival. Usually, you pass through the gates and are taken immediately to your home which has been lovingly prepared for you. Everything you ever desired in architecture, style or decor has been considered to please you. Even the landscaping of your property is suited to your taste.

If you had any pets on earth that were special to you, they are also waiting for you (recreated by a loving Father). Time is then given to greet and rejoice with friends and family.

All this time you will be overwhelmed by the presence of God and the beauty of just being there and experiencing the sights, sounds and aromas. You feel like you have truly come home. Just when you think it can’t get any better, Jesus comes! You are now taken into the throne room where the redeemed and angels worship and rejoice together. Worship can be singing, dancing and bowing before the throne. Many times Jesus will dance with His people; everyone wants to touch him. There are times of celebrating and times to lay prostrate before the King of Kings. On the way to the throne, You are greeted by all those whom you pass by. As you approach the throne the brilliance of the Father begins to overwhelm you.

The created beings, filled full of eyes, proclaim continuously about His holiness (Revelation 4). You can hardly bear to look Upon the glory of the Father as He declares His love for you. Fire and lightening proceed from His presence and awe falls over the throne room. Everyone turns to watch as you are welcomed home.

Just when you think you will collapse from the weight of the glory, God reaches out and holds you to Himself. Never have you experienced such love and acceptance! All your preconceived ideas as to what God is like are washed away in the flood of love that goes right through you. It is unconditional love and you finally know the passion that was in His heart when He sent His Son to the cross for you! You are truly complete!

Once your time for communion with the Godhead is over, you are taken on an extensive tour of Heaven by your family and/or friends. You visit all the wonderful places your loving Father has prepared for you to enjoy. He truly delights to give you pleasure. Now, we will describe what happens to someone who dies without accepting Christ as their Savior. At first, they will experience the same exact sensations as the first person, but that begins to change almost immediately. They too, will no longer be sick, crippled or aged. As stated before, everyone’s spirit is eternal and once you leave your physical body (no matter what condition it is in) you will have a perfectly made spirit.

You soon begin to feel the sinister presence which is coming for you and then suddenly, demons appear and take hold of you with their claw-like hands. Horror fills you as the stench of death fills the room. You are unable to fight back, because satan now owns you! No matter how you fight or scream no one will come to help you. Your family and/or friends cannot see nor hear you and even if they could, they would be helpless to prevent what is about to happen. When you reject Christ, you become the property of Hell when you die. They begin to pull you downward until everything disappears into darkness. You begin to feel the heat and hear the screaming and moaning of agonized souls.

Even though your spirit was whole when you left your body, it will not remain that way for long. Hell is also a spirit realm and because you are now a spirit being, you will feel every form of torture they have. As you enter into the yawning mouth of the underworld, other demons will start to yell in glee as they begin to mutilate your being. The pain and agony is real and fear rules supreme as your mind begins to realize what has happened to you. All this time the searing heat is blistering you and every horror you ever imagined has become real!

There will be no contact with another human being, other than the sounds of screaming and cursing made by the damned. You will never eat or drink again, although you will experience continual starvation and dehydration. Never again will you know rest or peace, just utter exhaustion and pure terror. Your mind will reach the brink of insanity, but never allowed to completely go there. There is NO escape. You are there because of the choice you made, not because God rejected you. You will remain in Hell until the end of the millennial reign of Christ upon the earth. Then Hell will give up the wicked dead and they will go before the Great White Throne Judgment where they will receive their eternal place of punishment (called the second death) which is the Lake of Fire. God is merciful, but sin cannot enter into His presence nor dwell in Heaven because He is HOLY. If you do not receive Christ as your savior, your name will not be found in the Book of Life and you will be thrown into the lake of fire. Be sure you know where your destiny lies before you die; because after death it will be too late!

Do you know where yours is?



The Face of a Child — Heaven’s Nurseries

This chapter is somewhat bittersweet. Sweet because that is what babies are and they are kept in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in Heaven. Bitter because it is one of the most populated places in Heaven, thanks to the abortion clinics’ business over the past 40 years. How accountable are we all for the mass abuse of these tiny babies? They are human lives swept under the carpet and remembered no more. Heaven knows how many of their lives were shredded, they know, because they have ALL of them there! Not a one was lost or discarded by our Heavenly Father.

Only because of His great mercy and Christ’s blood is there forgiveness and healing available for this sin. Even the children, when grown to the age of a toddler, go through a ceremony where they receive Jesus and forgive the ones who took their lives. Yes, they know who their parents are and they are conscious of what happened to them when they first arrive in Heaven. They do not understand why they were not wanted, but they do forgive it.

These nurseries hold all the babies which are miscarried or aborted. They are received

by Jesus and He heals the wounds of their hearts. They are cared for by angelic beings

who sing to them as they rock them in their arms. The breath of God nourishes them as

they grow ever so slowly. Because of the goodness of God, a 20 year old mother could

miscarry her baby and 50 years later die and go to Heaven; her baby would only be

around 3 years old (in earth years). She is given her baby when she arrives and she

gets to raise it. How wonderful for all the parents who thought they had completely

lost that privilege!

The mercy of God allows the same thing for those who have aborted their babies; then

repent and come to know Christ and make it to Heaven. For this reason alone, a

second chance to hold your child in your arms and love and raise it as your own;

wouldn’t you want to make it there? Many will and they can experience the joy of

watching their child (once destroyed and now restored) grow and become a happy,

complete being! God desires this restoration in families.

The first illustration is of the angel, Rahmee, and a baby named Precious, who was miscarried in 2006. This baby girl was wanted very badly by the parents and one day she will be restored to them, because they have received Jesus as their Savior. She will be treated like a princess until their arrival in Heaven. There will be many surprised women, who did not know they had miscarried a baby, because it was so early in the pregnancy. What a shock when they arrive and find a little ‘package’ waiting for them.

The facilities where these babies are cared for are very beautiful. There are arched ceilings with openings at the top which cause the rooms to be bathed in a warm peachy glow. Flowers are growing right out of the walls and tiny birds come and perch on the branches to sing for the babies. The babies ‘beds’ have the appearances of beautiful sea shells that come out from niches in the wall. Every baby’s name is etched in the wall above them; embellished onto lovely ribbons if it is a girl and on stately shields if they are boys. If you have a baby in Heaven and haven’t named it, please do so. Not only does it show Heaven you accept the fact that your baby lives there, but your child knows you cared enough to give it a name.

Some of the angels appear to be male and some female but they all wore soft ivory gowns with pale colored sashes. They held the ‘tiny’ babies (some only inches long) in the palm of their hands and the bigger ones against their chests. As they sang to them, the breath of God nourished their little spirits. Even though these babies are tiny, they are different than the babies here, because they do not necessarily need to sleep. They do rest, but they also play. They already have the ability to ‘know’ things and they can communicate. They are raised in the perfect love of God and joy is an automatic part of their lives. It was a most beautiful place, filled with the peace of god. Their little faces reflect the Glory of God and they will know Him as we all should know Him.

There are other places in Heaven for the older toddlers and children where they can play and learn. One place allows them to play games with the animals and actually slide down rainbows. Some of the landscape in the children’s area is similar to different parts of earth, so they will be in familiar surroundings while they adapt to being in Heaven. It is a fun and exciting thing to be a child and live in Heaven. There will never be rejection, pain, illness or loneliness in their lives. Family members come to see them often and eventually, when they are big enough, are sent home with them to await the arrival of their parents. Please be sure to make the right choice with your life. Your children are waiting!