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Oden Hetrick

Oden Hetrick visited heaven on many occasions. The following is the first four chapters

of his book “inside the gates of heaven”

An interview with Rev. Oden Hetrick who visited Heaven many times. He saw amazing

details of Heaven: The Holy City, The Tree of Life,    It would take a very long time for

me to describe all of my visits to Heaven.  So for this reason, we will take an imaginary

journey to that Celestial City and I will be your guide.  Along the way I will answer

questions that have been frequently asked by those interested in their Eternal Home.

My first understanding of God’s unseen creation took place when I was in an army

hospital with a sprained back.  I had read my Bible and prayed and closed my eyes to

sleep, and then I saw ten angels around my bed.  They were seven feet tall with large

masculine bodies, beautiful faces, long golden hair and long white shining garments. 

When I opened my eyes to see them better, I saw no angels.  Only with my physical

eyes closed could I see the angels and feel their presence, because God had opened the

eyes of my spirit to behold the invisible world where He lives.

A few years later, while fasting and praying, Jesus Himself appeared to my spirit in my study.  I had thought that I loved Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, but He showed me that my love for Him was like a drop of water in a canyon.  I was astounded, but I reasoned that if Jesus appeared to me, there must be some hope for me.

A few weeks later I saw and felt the presence of an angel who was among some peach trees.  This angel appeared to my spirit while my physical eyes were still wide open.  I didn’t know at the time, but this angel was sent to prepare me for visits to Heaven.  The angel said that in Heaven everyone loves everyone.  This statement was rather shocking because all I knew was earthly marriage, where to be right and proper, you love only one person.  But the angel continued to explain that Heaven’s love is far better, far more lasting and far more delightful than the love earth understands.  Heaven’s love comes from God and gives perfect eternal peace.  It brings uplifting, delightful satisfaction to those who help others and thus show their love to everyone.  There is no law against the love that God by His Spirit sheds abroad in willing hearts.

The mild rebuke of this angelic exhortation caused me to despise my likeness to the animal creation and lament my ignorance of the eternal love that unites and delights the saints in Heaven.  I began to understand why my love for Jesus was so small.  And I prayed the Lord would ever more give me that sacred love whereby He loves His Bride the Church.


Shortly after this experience, three angels took my spirit on my first visit to Heaven.  We were there instantly.  Since that time, the ‘peach-tree angel’ has taken me on many guided tours of Heaven, showing to me and describing to me its scenes and activities.  I am learning that I cannot rest my soul’s desires on a temporary existence in a body of death and a world of lust, because they must and will be changed.  True reality is found only in the eternal City of Heaven where my never-dying spirit experiences ecstasies pure and eternal.

After the angel showed me many things about Heaven, the Spirit of God began to show me things of a more sacred nature in the Holy City of God.

Many have questioned me about my visits to Heaven – how I got there, and how they can get there.  So here, briefly, is my understanding of how this works.  The Breath God breathed into Adam at creation was God’s Spirit, and Adam came to life as a body containing a soul, a spirit and the Holy Spirit.  These spirits all occupy the same space at the same time in a human body, therefore Adam appeared as one person.

When I visit Heaven, my spirit and an angel visible to me are carried by God’s invisible Spirit, while my body and soul (my physical nature) remain on the earth.  In order to hear the call of God’s Spirit, I spend much time in Bible study and prayer, watching and waiting.  (Psa.130:6)


God told Moses to build a place on earth where the people could meet to have their sins covered and learn to worship God.  Moses was told to build this tabernacle like the pattern.  The pattern was, and is, the City of God.  So Moses’ Tabernacle had a Most Holy Place within a Holy Place where the priests would serve; and around these was a large area for common people.  God’s presence was manifested by a cloud of glory in the Most Holy Place.

So also as we approach God’s abode in the sky, we come first to the large outer environs, then to the Holy Place, then to the Most Holy Place where God sits on His Throne.

In this visit we plan to see the suburbs of Heaven where we’ll answer some questions,

including questions about sweethearts in Heaven.  Then we’ll enter the eastern gate,

taste fruit from the Tree of Life, walk on golden streets and experience the crystal River

of Life.  We plan to see the people there, how they are dressed, and what they do. 

Then we’ll tour a mansion and attend a banquet where Jesus sits at the head of the


Next we plan to enter the Most Holy Place where God sits upon His Throne with Jesus

at His right hand.  In this sacred Most Holy Place the saints, their clothing, and their chamber mansions are much brighter because they are closer to God on His Throne.

There are many names for Heaven in the Bible.  Here are just a few: The Holy City of God — New Jerusalem — The Kingdom of Heaven — Our Father’s House — Jerusalem above — Temple in the sky — High and Holy Habitation.

We find from these names, and from many other Scriptures, that the City of Heaven is, and always will be, in the sky.  But even on this planet God had fellowship with our forefather Adam in Eden’s Paradise.  And Adam had fellowship with a sweetheart whose name was Eve.  And the three of them — God and Adam and Eve — had a divine fellowship in that long ago peaceful paradise that we know very little about.

But when disobedience entered that beautiful picture, God removed His indwelling Spirit from Adam and Eve.  Then He took drastic measures to restore His creatures to His fellowship — He sent Jesus, His Divine Son, to pay our death penalty.  Now all who turn from disobedience (sin) and follow Jesus, will be restored to fellowship with God; and God’s Spirit will return again as a dove of peace and love, to dwell in every believer.

Our relationship to the indwelling Spirit of God is like the fellowship of two friends.  One friend says to the other, “Let’s go to the park!” and the other friend replies, “I’m all for it.  Let’s go!”  God’s Spirit is like the first friend who knows what to do, and we are like the second friend who caught the excitement of the action and the desire to go along.  Jesus said:

“You will be my friends if you follow my instructions.”
John 15:14

We should learn this loving obedience on earth; if not, we learn it in the suburbs of Heaven where we are now going.


The City of Heaven is foursquare like a cube; its length and width and height are each about 1500 miles.  But in space the City of Heaven appears large and round — much larger than 1500 miles.  This is because of what are called environs or suburbs, the outer parameter of Paradise.  The foursquare Holy City is completely surrounded and enclosed by these suburbs.  The outer edge of these suburbs is very large, much larger even than the earth.  In these suburbs or shadowy groves the saints first arrive when they come from the earth; and in this transition from earth to Heaven, they learn many things.  First, they learn that they can still see, hear, smell, taste, touch and remember, and that they have a form like their earth body.  This form is their spirit, now out of their body.  When saints leave their bodies on earth, they have a sense of freedom as birds flying.  They find their thoughts to be clear and their vision able to see both physical and spiritual realms.

The City of Heaven with its suburbs, its Holy Place and its Most Holy is like a planet; it is self sufficient in every way to provide for eternal beings, just as the earth is able to sustain physical life.

“He built His sanctuary in the high heavens, like the earth which He established forever.”
Psalm 78:69

But the City of Heaven shines much brighter than a planet; it shines like the sun because it is the Kingdom of God.

“Then shall the righteous shine brightly like the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. If your ears can hear — hear this.” Matthew 13:43

In order for the Kingdom of God (it is also called the Throne of God) to be seen in the sky, it has to be a very large place.

And speaking of size, Jesus said to His followers:

“Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature?” Matthew 6:27

The answer, of course, was that they could not, and therefore should not worry about tomorrow.  But Jesus was revealing a secret that in Heaven we can by thought add one cubit to our height.  In my visits to Heaven I noticed that people appeared to be about five feet tall.  On earth a cubit is 18 inches, but a heavenly cubit is 21 inches.  So a person in Heaven three cubits tall would be 63 inches, or a little over five feet tall.  But when it is their turn to worship God before His Throne, they add one 21-inch cubit to their stature which makes them seven feet tall.

Now these suburbs of the City of Heaven are very much like earth, with grass, flowers, trees, shadows, birds, and animals.  This is the place where spiritual principles must be learned by those saints who on earth did not become very spiritually minded.   It is not true that we suddenly know everything when we get to Heaven.  Christians on earth are admonished by Scripture,

“Study to show yourself approved of God.” 2 Timothy 2:15

Some saints arriving in these shadowy groves would like to stay right here, but they are encouraged to move on to higher glories.  And speaking of travel, it is possible in Heaven to go from place to place instantly, by taking thought.  But it is more interesting and enlightening to travel slowly and enjoy the scenery.  There are two methods of slow travel:

1/ We can move through the air as gracefully as a white dove in the sky of earth.  Most slow travel is done in this manner.

2/ some visitors to Heaven have called its vehicles by the exciting name of chariots.  That’s all right, but what I have seen are just seats with no flaming horses or wheels; and they are not so elaborate as to call attention to themselves.  They just serve their purpose and then disappear.  These chariots come in all sizes beginning with a double open-air seat for two companions, up to large bus-type open-air chariots with many double seats.

These chariots travel on land, on water, or in the air, and this is how they are moved:  God’s Spirit harmonizes all the activities in Heaven, deciding when and where the action is to be.  When the saints hear the call of God’s indwelling Spirit, their emotions respond with a joyful desire to go, and the controlling Spirit of God moves the chariot in which they ride.