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Beautiful Heaven and Horrible Hell

Jesus is Coming Soon!


Efrain Rodriguez

We all have a duty to announce and ask the Holy Spirit to confirm this


Be prepared, all the governments of Earth!

Save plenty of water and non-perishable foods.

God said,
Get ready to receive the Holy One of Israel but under


This year the judgment will fall. Jehovah God will touch the earth with His feet at two in the morning.

The Word of God says in Revelation 3:10:

Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth."

We will go through a great chastisement and after this grief, a new church will be born that the Lord shall snatch away to Heaven in The Rapture. These events will awaken the Church of Christ on Earth.

This judgment, even if others differ, is due to the Church, both here in Puerto Rico, as in the rest of the world. The Church today left aside all the principles for which Jesus died on the Cross, principles that would allow us to see Him and the Father.

It all comes down to Holiness, "without which no man shall see the Lord."

People say: "Today may be the Rapture of the church." At present, if The Lord came to look for His church right now, He would find very, very few true Christians candidates to go to Heaven with Him. The Rapture will come AFTER the events that are approaching. It could be days, months, years after. Only God The Father knows the day and the hour. After these events of judgment, there will be the Great worldwide Soul Harvest, of which the Holy Spirit has spoken for many years. If the God of Heaven did not this, many would be we lost, possibly even the righteous.

People also say that These events will be part of the Great Tribulation. No. These events are part of the Beginning of Sorrows of which the Bible speaks; It is the brokenness needed before the renewed Church of Christ can rise in the entire world. The Great Tribulation will come after these events and after the Rapture of the Church of Christ.

Those congregations which seek holiness and the true Word have minimal attendance, but people flock to where prosperity and an empty gospel is preached. This displeases God.

The television channels broadcast all sort aberrations, all spiritual prostitution is shown here. This station broadcasted a pastor dancing, with nearly nude dancers. On television, the Lord's message has been practically erased.

Pastors like Antonio Bolainez and David Diamond still fight for the cause of Jesus.

Among many apostates we have Benny Hinn and Billy Graham.

Many evangelists, pastors and apostles will be killed by members of their churches that are not true believers and will take justice into their hands, because they were deceived with the gospel of prosperity, yet will have to face tremendous scarcity. When they see the event, they will realize that they failed The Lord, and although they repent, they will not enter because they despised the sacrifice of Jesus.

Most churches that do not pass the test have been discarded, Jehovah does not want them. They have been spewed out of The Lord's mouth.

Our Lord Jesus comes with His book that night, to claim before Jehovah, countless souls who will lose their earthly lives during this event. He will  take them to Heaven. Others will die but will not go with Christ, including many pastors.

Gay Marriage covers the entire Earth. The Church remained silent. Pastors did not speak. By doing this, they supported the changes. They do not help homosexuals. They are human and we should be compassionate towards them, but they have distorted the commandment that God gave us. With their behavior, all generations would end because there would be no procreation.

In China, cannibals eat babies. In South America human flesh is sold, in Oklahoma: a satanic statue depicting children praying side by side to the Monster from Hell and lobbying for authorization for it to be placed there.

They passed laws allowing the murder of innocent unborn babies.

Priests offer newborn babies, men, women and animals in Satanic sacrifice.

Fashion shows at the Church of prosperity. Adultery, fornication and all kinds of sin in the churches.

Puerto Rico will be the epicenter of Jehovah's wrath. The island is polluted with sin, adulterers parade in churches, pastors just want tithes and offerings; They no longer want, and have expelled the presence of the Holy Spirit from The Holy Place.

They say they cannot tell this to the people to avoid a panic, and they come up with the commonplace excuse that "God is Love and He cannot do this" They seem to forget the Consuming Fire that killed the generation of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah and the announcement of destruction by Jonah to Nineveh.

From this island of PR, the Gospel spread to almost all nations. It has a score to settle with the Holy One of Israel. There will be a full moon when judgment falls in Puerto Rico.

God showed me a large rock, an Asteroid, entering the airspace of the town of Arecibo in Puerto Rico, and exiting Mayagüez, heading to the ocean. This will be at 2am. This rock will be making impact in the sea between the island of Mona and Mayagüez. It will hit an active earthquake fault found in that area of the Caribbean, causing a very strong 12 point earthquake that has never been seen. 12 degrees means the Presence of God on the Earth.

The impact will raise a giant wave, over 1,000 feet high, which will be entering the west part of the island immediately, reaching places never thought of on this earth. The water will reach the municipalities of Las Marias and Maricao, where Satanic priests constantly sacrifice newborns babies throughout the year in Puerto Rico.

For many, there will be no time to escape the impact. Prepare at home with the Lord. Ask The Holy Spirit now what His plans are for you that night. Some will be asked to move, others to stay. Many will leave with the Lord Jesus that night. Some will have one last minute to ask the Lord for forgiveness for not having believed His warning.

The impact of the asteroid will be identical to a nuclear explosion.

The priority of this message is God's judgment for His pastors and apostate church across the island of Puerto Rico. It will start there and then spread to the Caribbean, the U.S., Central and South America, Canada and Europe.

The giant wave will greatly affect the Caribbean islands: Santo Domingo, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and all islands. There will be millions dead that night. The wave will be arriving in Miami at 5 a.m. and then will continue its course upwards sweeping the entire east coast of ​​the United States, and onwards to the Gulf of Mexico and South America.

To the Church of the Lord in Puerto Rico I say, from the Lord, that we will not run until, and IF the Lord's Holy Spirit tells us to leave our homes.​

Most pastors in PR will suffer the fate of Korah in the Bible. While the great earthquake is at its peak, the earth will open and swallow them up wherever they are standing, and will be taken alive to hell. These pastors are responsible for this judgment. Their replacements are ready. There will be a new remnant of pastors.

Because of failing to defend the mandates of Jesus and His Sacrifice on the Cross, God will do the same to them as He did with previous generations.

The annointing of our homes and property does not guarantee that the judgment will not touch our material possessions. Get rid of any idols, images or unholy objects at home. The Lord deals with people, with souls. Many want to secure their property more than their own lives. The Lord will save first whomever loves Him. Then, our properties. Faced with the possible loss of material possessions throughout all the island, its inhabitants reflect great distress because of what is being prophesied. But the Lord tells them that He wishes to save people, souls, based on the spiritual condition of their lives: a life of sin or a life of holiness before Him.

Holiness is the only guarantee for The Lord to deliver us from this judgment and safeguard the properties that He has given us.

Christian people of Puerto Rico, remember that the Lord wants that before this trial come, all who have gone astray, return to Him as soon as possible. Urgently! Run to His feet!

Please do not think twice. Run, because you will have no excuse before the Lord. It is a call with tears from The Most High God, because a multitude of backslidden people will die on that terrible night. Also a multitude of those within the churches will die, and those who are living in the same condition around the churches; Why are the pastors and churches not looking for them to bring them back to The Lord?

All this is because of the rebellion against the standards of Holiness of our Lord.

Mexico will have its part in this trial. It will be affected at 5:30 in the morning along with Texas. All is said and approved in Mexico. Most of the people are not Christians, but many Christians will come from there after the event. Mexico bends its knees to statues, drugs, sorcerers and all kinds of sin. The Lord will break this nation.

There will be more than two million dead people there. Throughout Latin America, about 30 million people will die.

 All nations are alerted and there are talks under the table to transport the presidents and governors to safe places. They do not say anything to the people, but the people who are with Jesus will receive notice. There is a Hedge of Angels around our homes if we are bound to Christ. Countless angels are already on Earth. The Lord knows that these events require a lot protection for His people. There's a people that requires safekeeping and they are Jesus' People. Such is the commitment of Heaven toward them. God will keep our families if we are bound to Him.

Woe to the pastors that have been preaching and deceiving the flock with the gospel of wealth and prosperity! They will see scarcity like never before. Some will be killed by their own congregations. 

The wave will come to Latin American countries. When you see the giant waves, you will know that the Hand of God has come to stop evil and cleanse the earth.

Guatemala has disobeyed the Holy God. They disapprove of the order of Jehovah. The president is preparing to sign mandates against God's precepts. They consult with witches and warlocks, with everybody, except with God. There is not a Joseph in the land, no evangelists, no pastors to make a difference in that nation, so the politicians sign these laws because there is no opposition.

In Nicaragua, the president has resisted, but is being pressured by the National Assembly to pass laws in favor of the sodomite behavior.

These laws hurt people, forcing pastors to give up their posts, like in Arizona, where this law was passed, and a pastor refused to marry people of the same sex.

Any country that cancels the statutes of the Law of God and His Word will never prosper. Nobody mocks Jehovah God. Not before, not now, not ever.

No design of Jehovah can be stopped by hell.

This has to happen, to awaken the Church of Christ on Earth. Not much time is left.

Prepare in South America and Central America. Churches, bend your knees, pray, ask for confirmation and signs from Heaven.

In Honduras they signed laws in favor of this sodomite agenda, and despised the principles of Jehovah, It is very sad. They will be struck. Many people will die that night. All polluted countries.

El Salvador; they consult with warlocks instead of consulting with the Lord.

Costa Rica, Masonic President, they made ​​a covenant with hell. They were named under the Word of God, but they said "NO" to the Word. Obama climbed on the altars of this nation and shouted hallelujah. They have a hidden agenda against the Church. Jehovah will cut short their intentions. Many pastors will die, killed.

Priest with Masonic symbolism are working for Satan. The Cardinals have an agenda for the government of the Antichrist.

The antichrist is ready but will not be revealed until the Church of Christ leaves the Earth in The Rapture.

Panama: the sea will cross it from side to side. The Caribbean water will reach the Pacific. Many people will die. There is a flock serving the Lord there. They will have the protection of Heaven.

Belize: the queen who governs approves the sodomite flag, as in England, as well as laws against the commandments of God. They made an atheist book approved by the government. They allow homosexuals to marry.

This is the sodomite agenda on Earth at its fullest.

Venezuela, a country that God separated to help PR during the scarcity following this event. Its president consults warlocks all the time. Hence the reason for the problems that they have now. The Lord will take care of this nation and will make the judgment less severe for them, because He has chosen them to help Puerto Rico with provisions after the event. Even though the giant waves may arrive there, have no fear, flock of God, because God will be with you.

Santo Domingo will see four million dead or more. Its president sent 25 million extra body bags to all coastal states. Embassies and area government moved them to high places.

French Guiana is on the same line. They will be struck because they have sold their land and principles for riches.

Brazil has signed many laws against Jehovah. They will never prosper. This nation is not of Jehovah.

Argentina, its president soon will know the Holy God when the Lord begins to enter all her shores, when the stench of pestilence begins to whip the whole nation, they will know that they have infuriated the Holy One, Jesus Christ.

Chile, the Church of Christ has much fear for the laws that their president is signing. Most of the population there are Catholics who disobey the Word. Its President approves the sodomite law against God.

Uruguay, its president consults warlocks. They help him. Many people will also die there.

In Paraguay, also many people will die. 

The fact that a country has no coasts does not mean it will not be affected. Besides the tsunami, other events will follow as an aftermath of the asteroid impact. There is the shock wave, earthquake, three days of darkness, pestilence, and the resulting scarcity of food, drinkable water and medications. All will take a great toll of lives. 

Bolivia, its president kneels before all things, Bolivia will be affected by the pestilence. Many people will die.

Peru, also will be affected. All already is stipulated. All conspired to offend God.

Ecuador, all done under the table. Small groups won for now.

Canada, the wave will hit the coast. It will also be affected with all the judgments. They approve their flag with the rainbow, which is meant to be a symbol of God's covenant with the Earth, not a symbol of the gay agenda.

Spain, already many things are approved there: lots of laws approving aberrations were signed there. They will be affected by day, Portugal too.

England has outstanding accounts with the Lord Jehovah. They made the atheist book here.They approved sodomites’ laws.

Holland, very large aberrations in this country. They have tried to evangelize it and cannot. It will also be affected.

The American nation will be shaken by an earthquake of 12 degrees.

At 5 in the morning, the giant wave will start sweeping U.S. soil, with waves 500 feet high across the east area of this nation.

There will be a shock wave that will be felt as hurricane winds, very strong and without rain, until the tsunami hits. The wind will arrive first, then the wave. Many will be moved to safe places. Ask The Holy Spirit.

This nation belongs to Jesus Christ and will return to Him

All the rivers will overflow due to sea level rising and having no outlets into the ocean. Many will die from this.

In the central part of the U.S. storage and protection sites have been built by millionaires and FEMA, where there are underground cities, so that they can attempt to survive these events. People can buy one of those storage rooms from $65,000 depending on comfort and family size, also depending on what they can provide as a professional, and their position in society.

They are preparing spacecrafts to receive and destroy the asteroid upon arrival to Earth. Also, Obama sent about 40 missiles to PR, to try to destroy the asteroid in the sky, so that it may fall on Puerto Rico, and not at sea. The prophet of God Efrain warned them not to press the Buttons "Do No do it!"  he said. "Do Not interfere with the plans of the Lord."

They made a big mistake in the Mona Island area, west of PR, where the asteroid will impact. There is an unstable and dangerous earthquake fault there. They tried to seal this fault with nuclear devices, supposedly to prevent an earthquake. They planted the device, but lost it down the trench. Now they cannot find it. Nobody can stop the plans of Jehovah.

 U.S. officials hide much information, others like the Russians, warn people of the U.S. to stay away from the coasts.  When the asteroid hits, we will feel the shock wave as a very strong wind. Ask the Holy Spirit where to move. Requirement: Being bound to Jehovah God. Stay away from sin, so you can hear Him.

Over 35 million deaths are expected in the U.S. and the authorities remain silent.

Many, if not all of the great evangelists and pastors in this country, have said nothing. They have thus supported the changes. Many of them, along with politicians, artists, Hollywood personalities, etc. are in agreement with Obama; they receive large amounts of money.

Those who have not said anything have allowed this, knowing that these laws are against God's commandments. They are a slap to His face and a direct and blatant defiance to the Lord of Heaven. They will have their sentence.

Politicians have deceived the nation because there is no presence of the Holy Spirit in most churches. The judgment of the United States will come because pastors and evangelists kept silent.

Jehovah God will pass judgment on this nation. Obama has to answer to the Lord. he has offended Him in every way. He told God that men can marry men and women can marry women, which is against God's commandment in the book of Genesis. The species entered the ark as male and female. Otherwise, there would be no species today.

All places in the nation where these aberrations are practiced will be affected.

This President does not love this country nor Christ.

In his second term, he has shown his true colors against all that is Christian. All laws signed indicate that He plans to persecute the Lord's church.

Woe to those who try to hurt the church of God!

He does not penalize homosexuals, or Muslims, for example, He does not care what they do, but he takes all actions to punish and extinguish the church of Christ. He Removes and denies freedoms to Christians, while at the same time gives freedom to those who blaspheme God. Even Putin, the Russian president, rebuked him for this.

Woe to you, you poor, poor man!

You have violated all the laws of God. You have made this nation go astray.

You will be all safe and cozy inside your bunker while millions of people die up above, on the Earth.

Obama has asked Congress to give all power to him to take full control during this emergency. This means that there will be no elections. This totalitarian power is a serious danger. This message must be sent to all members of Congress. You still have time to revoke this absolute power. Politicians, revoke the power given to him. You have no idea what you will face.

This President is the most responsible for the judgment coming upon this nation. He wanted to exclude the law of God. He signed laws never before signed. He has no respect for the church of Christ. However, the Church of Christ cannot be touched. Like Israel, they are the apple of God's eye.

Obama wants Israel to give up their land. Israel will not. What they conquered belongs to them. Even if U.S. troops or whosever's surround Israel, that land is untouchable. They Are the Chosen People of God, with whom He has an everlasting covenant.

Israel is ready to build their temple, but hey have to wait as long as the Muslim mosque of Omar is there. They will have to wait for the earthquake to do the work.

This is the message of the Lord to you, President Obama:

Respect the nation, respect the church of Christ, respect the people of God, respect Israel.

The events of this message will come to pass, but yes , you will respect God. The whole nation will respect God.

Judges are required to pass laws allowing things forbidden in the Word of God.

Christians cannot speak about Christ in the workplace, or in the military, or they are penalized. Prayer has been removed from our schools. A video shows how unwanted newborn babies in this country are mercilessly killed right after birth.

Workers in the stock market are advised that the stock market soon will fall due to a large event to occur on Earth. They were told that the name of the U.S. will change. It is estimated that the entire stock market will be concentrated in Europe, as it is prophesied in the Word. It will be the common market.

In New York, they are drafting a law that forces people who do not accept gays to be moved out of the city.

Two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah,were destroyed in the past, because they opposed the standards established by God. America is following on their footsteps.

Thousands of foreign soldiers are assigned in Puerto Rico: troops from Russia, China, Germany, and France. They were transported in sealed trucks during the early hours of the morning, to the mountains, for help during the disaster. They are intended to protect someone, in Alaska, mainland USA, Hawaii and PR. More than 15,000 foreign troops in the entire nation, for what?They have been supplied with a huge quantity of ammunition. Many bunkers have been built. But The Lord has control over the mountains, and His judgment will reach everywhere, even inside the bunkers.

Everything is ready. We await the asteroid impact, and for everything else to be fulfilled before our eyes.

Martial Law is ready to be instituted in the United States and around the world, to cope with the disaster and what is to come.

The U.S. prepares for 15 months of scarcity and national emergency. Millions of boxes of dry food and other resources are stored in the middle of the nation.

Civil War will break out due to lack of food and resources. Martial law will be implemented because of the need to maintain control. Vehicles have been modified in the U.S. for military purposes, soldiers even trained to kill to their own families.

President Obama already has the guillotine for the Church of Christ. There are 30,000 guillotines in the nation. They say that they have them for prisoners who are condemned to die and that they will cut their heads off instead of killing them with lethal injections or gas, so they can use their bodies and organs for people who need them. That's their excuse. They also have thousands of boxes (coffins) for people who will die in the events of the trial. Each of hese boxes can hold three bodies.

There are FEMA camps with incinerators to burn people. This will be used for those who are left behind in the Great Tribulation and resist the government of the Antichrist.

The plans to mark the church of God will be thwarted by this event. Do not let them mark you with the chip, out of necessity or obligation, nor by force.

Stand in the protection of God's promise. Nobody will mark the Church of Christ. We belong to God.

What will happen will be similar as to when Noah built the ark. The Lord said that in 7 days it all would be finished. And now, within 7 months so will this event happen. In three months there will be events that serve as evidence that this prophecy will be fulfilled. The Prophet has prophesied that two specific people will receive God's judgment for blaspheming The Holy Spirit by publicly labeling this message as false and mocking Heaven by challenging Prophet Efrain's words from The Lord. By September 1st of this year 2014, their judgment will come. One of them is Evangelist Jorge Raschke. The other one is not a public figure, but is a member of Efrain's church in P.R.

Jehovah will cleanse the house for our Lord Jesus to take His true church. As in Ezekiel (chapter 34), God will ask the pastors: "
What have you done with My sheep and where have you sent them?"

There will be three days of darkness in the Americas, In Europe, it will be opposite.

People will kneel before the Lord God during the plague that will follow this event. The current leaders will be replaced. Pestilence will remove leaders who sold the Supreme Law of God. There Will emerge a new nation as it prepares for the Rapture of the Church.

The pain and anguish will make many bend their knees before a Holy God, acknowledging His supremacy. They will make a change in their lives because they will know that the Lord's return is near. New leaders will emerge, along with a new church and a new nation, which will honor the God of Heaven. They will change the laws again for a while, until God takes His church in the Rapture, which will occur before the Great Tribulation.

The fall of the asteroid is the first phase of this judgment, the second will be the shockwave on these places, immediately the earthquake of 12 degrees, the tsunami, the three days of darkness and the sixth will be the outbreak of a great pestilence. This will be the worst of the six events. It will be a result of the decomposition of bodies floating on the water and left unburied. (The 3 days of darkness and the flooding of oceans and rivers will make it very difficult to get rid of the bodies). Everybody will be affected in different days and times.

No matter how many medications are stored, Jehovah God will bring this nation back to His feet, through this punishment. God will move the entire continent in a way that has never been seen. The Earth, however, will not be obliterated. This is NOT The End. God will be in complete control.

Time is up. Get ready to receive the events and judgments of God. Prepare. First, spiritually, by coming to The Lord Jesus' Feet for Salvation and Protection, with a surrendered heart to Him. Trusting Him ONLY and completely. Then, store food, water and medications to the extent that you can.

There will be over 70 million people dead just on this continent.

​The game of pretending to be a Christian is over. Be one. No more games with the Lord.

Wherever you go, give testimony as a Christian and watchman.

Brothers and Watchmen: Go out and rescue souls, before, during and after these events. Be active watchmen. Sound the Alarm! It is your responsibility! Point to the safe place: our ark, our refuge, our Safe Tower, and our strength, Jesus Christ. 

If faced with no way out during the event, due to your unbelief, or refusal to have surrendered to The Lord, deliver your souls to Jesus at that moment. Ask for Forgiveness during those last minutes or seconds. Do not waste your last moments on Earth attempting to save your lives. Use them wisely by attempting to save your eternal soul, by coming to Christ in repentance and surrender. Trust Him. He is Faithful.

Watchmen: You are all called to bring in souls for the Great Harvest. Keep your passports ready and updated. You will have to travel to other nations that will open their doors to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to spread this message. People have to know. Spread the message.

​Brothers, be prepared spiritually. Rectify with The Lord and with others. Forgive them. Ask for Forgiveness, if you have to. Leave behind sin and double lives. You are responsible to pray to Jehovah God for protection. Pray for your neighbors and loved ones to be protected too.

The Lord promised Abraham that the just and the wicked would not die together. The same promise applies to us, if we hold to our Lord and Master Jesus, with our heart and our behavior.

May The Lord keep you under the shadow of His Wings. Amen.